Hi! Remember me?

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So…..I’ve been meaning to update here for a while in case anyone still suffers from wrist-o-mania, so what better time than now?

If you haven’t noticed (and you probably haven’t ), I slipped into quiet retirement after the 1st of this year. I played 3 post-surgery shows, one on Dec 6th, one on the 20th, and a 45 minute show on Jan 1st. By the end of that show my wrist was almost on fire , so I decided to space out the shows a little more, and every time I’d go to practice, I’d have less and less time before the pain returned. I ended up putting the guitar down for 2 months before I touched it again, and when I did, I lasted all of 10 minutes.

Work still caused a little pain, but nothing that I couldn’t deal with, and since I wasn’t playing anymore it wasn’t too bad….until about a month ago, when the pain slowly creeped back to constant. Then I stupidly picked up the guitar on May 6th, lasted 10 minutes, and was at my doctor’s office the next day.

Got my referral, went back to Dr. Hand on the 14th, and he was concerned enough to give me 2 cortisone shots, one at the surgery site and one under my thumb, as it looks like the DeQuervain’s Syndrome that we thought I didn’t have is starting to flare up. He also gave me a new wrist brace (I should really start a surplus store for left wrist braces…if anybody needs one, gimme a call), which resembles the cast I wore after the surgery, cept this one’s removable and allows a tad more motion.

12 days later, and the surgery site isn’t too bad….it still hurts, but I think that’s from underuse since it’s restricted most of the day, so when I take the brace off, it’s gonna be a little tired. The site under the thumb is getting worse every day tho, and I’m a little worried this time. I really don’t want surgery again, and I’m 95% sure that’s where I’m headed. The day before I saw him and got the shots, my wrist hurt almost as much as it did right before sugery. Now….the Dequervain’s spot…I think it might be worse than before surgery. I hate taking pain medication stronger than ibuprofen (weird for a pothead, I know…), I’ve done all the therapy exercises they can come up with…I still do them as routine stretching during the day (well, I did up until I saw Dr. Hand).

So I ask again…Does anyone have a spare left wrist?



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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve (truly) updated here,  but to make a long story short, t’was a long, slightly bumpy road to recovery.  I’m not quite there yet, I do have a little random tightness in my wrist still, but range of motion is pretty much 100%, pain is all but gone, swelling is down, and Doctor has pronounced me “owie-free”.  Soooo……

Howzabout this Saturday, say around 2 PM SLT (Pacific Standard Time), you and as many people you can gather log into Second Life, head on over to Crystal Sands, and join me in welcoming….well….me back to the Second Life Music Scene?  Many months ago I promised Sandi that if and when I did come back, they would get the first show, and since I’m back, they do!

Thanks everyone for your continued support and friendship…I couldn’t have gotten through this without the goal of coming back and playing for y’all again.

See ya Saturday!

Watch This Space!

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Well, not the person…the spot you’re looking at…eh, just keep watching 🙂

I’ll have the Sliced Spacey…

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Well, I finally got the Doctor to listen to me when I said “My wrist really hurts”, and they sent me to a hand specialist (his full title is “Chief, Hand Division, Director, Hand and Upper Extremity Center, Director, Orthopedic Residency Program”, so ya know he’s good).  He sent me for an MRI, which was my first time being slid into a tube who’s sole purpose is to zap me with electric fields while making me as claustrophobic as possible.  They said to keep still, but damn…there’s really not much place to go 🙂  Got yelled at for the metal rivets in my jeans shutting the thing off, got yelled at for moving, did my best to keep the wrist still (which made fire shoot out of it), got slid out again and sent home.

Went back to Dr. Hand, and got yelled at by his residents for moving during the MRI…Guess I moved my wrist so much a non-expert couldn’t see anything on the MRI.  Which is why I went to the expert, not the residents, right?  He took a look at the films, took a couple more squeezes of my wrist and said, “It’s intersection syndrome*.  Well, we can do nothing, which probably won’t help, another cortisone shot, which stopped helping you, more physical therapy which hurt you more, or we can ‘do something’, which probably will help you.”  So I picked door number 4.

(* Intersection Syndrome = Tendons have a slippery sheath around them so they glide over each other.  The place where my finger-pulling tendons and my thumb-pulling tendons cross each other has a problem…the sheaths lost their slippery-ness, inflamed, and eventually fused…known in medical circles as “an owie”.)

On August 27 I’m going under the knife for Intersection Syndrome Surgery…he’s making a small incision about three inches bleow my wrist and removing the inflamed and fused sheaths…closing me up and sending me home.  Recovery time seems to be about 6 weeks or so of pain and tenderness from what I’m reading (thank god for the intrawebs), and (cuz I’m an optimist) I plan on playing shows again by the end of the year.

I did try the old vaudeville joke of “Will I ever play the guitar again?”  “Of course you will” “Good, cuz I couldn’t before!”, but he’s heard it more times than Groucho told it and instead of “Of course you will”, came back with “Do you play it now?”……Doctors, no sense of humour …..

So, when ya see me around next month…say hi, and give me time to answer…I’ll be doing everything one-handed for a while.


Wow, what a pretty sunset…let’s ride towards it.

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Dear Spaceheads:


Well, after much thought and wrestling with Mr. Wrist…he finally won out.  As a lot of you know, last fall I was diagnosed with two separate overuse-of-the-wrist syndromes (basically tendonitis in multiple spots) in my left wrist.  I took a couple months off from playing, but only got a small amount of relief.  A cortisone shot helped some, and the physical therapist, while nice, didn’t understand that it took me all week after an appointment with her to feel better from the pain she caused…then she’d do it again 😦

At the beginning of the year, my position at work was changed temporarily, and my wrist started feeling better, so I started playing inworld again.

Well, at the beginning of last month I started back at my old position, and lo and behold, my wrist flared up pretty badly again last week.  This time the Doctor gave me another cortisone shot and said the next time it flares up, I’m looking at surgery…and there’s a lot of the same repetetive motion at work, so I’m expecting another flare up within the next 4 weeks or so.

As much as I’d like to quit my job and play in SL 7 days a week, Ol’ Spacey’s got mouths to feed (and a family too). Instead of hastening the inevitable and probably making things worse, I’m gonna have to take a long break from playing in SL, and hopefully postpone the next flare up and the knife for a little while.  On the upside, typing doesn’t affect it at all, so y’all will still hear from me from time to time. 🙂

I have two last shows scheduled, Wednesday the 7th at 4 SLT (a Relay For Life gig, so bring Lindens (and L$ too!)) and Saturday’s regular slot at Crystal Sands at 5 will be my retirement gig.

Update 5/7 – Had to cancel the RFL show, and I wholly expect to have to cancel Crystal Sands on Saturday.  It seems I’ve already retired 😦

Update 5/9 – Yep…Not even gonna wait til Saturday to cancel…I now have this incredible urge to go fishing and hang out at a Denny’s.  Maybe I’ll see if Walmart needs any greeters?

I’m gonna keep the Spaceheads group alive, so I have something to come back to, but I do understand group space is valuable so I won’t cry if y’all need a slot 🙂

I’ll be back eventually, and maybe with pictures of the inside of my arm!

See ya soon!

Not too bad…

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Well, the shows this weekend went pretty well. Did the smart thing and only played Crazy Sharks for a half hour. Smart for two reasons; one, to give my back a chance to get used to sitting in a chair again, and two, Dru only had half as much time to be mean 🙂

Woke up this morning with my back screaming at me, but I really wanted to play the shows I had lined up, so I fought my way through. It’s actually not too bad until I try to stand up…that takes a while to straighten out. Bluestar Music Temple is a beautiful venue, and I would love to go back. I found it interesting that the host said everything in 3 languages. I have friends in SL from all over the world, but things like that really make you realize that SL is truly an international deal now.

After a hot bath and a little pre-show relaxation, I headed over to Drift’s party. The stage was dead center of 4 adjoining sims, with audience seating and dancing areas all around. Drift was on stage with us musicians, and aside from a quick realization that everyone ‘cept me was in some sort of formal wear, I had a great time. My first weekly gig was at The Lily Pad, and even though I only played there for a few months, I learned a lot from Drift, and I’ll never forget the support she gave. There are probaby close to 100 musicians that can say something like that, and I’m proud to have been asked to celebrate and thank Drift for her work.

Prankster’s is canceled for tomorrow night…they’re having a hard time finding a Monday host that can be there at 5 SLT, and it’s probably a good idea for me to rest my back for a day or two.

The only thing I have scheduled so far for this week is on Saturday. I’m taking part in opening The Sunshine Daydream, a new Dead related club run by Grateful Stryker and the fine folks that run Crystal Sands. Not sure of the time yet, but it looks like it’ll be around mid-afternoon Second Life Time.  More than likely there’ll be more scheduled as the week goes on.

Well, let’s try things here :-)

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So I’m moving my blog over to WordPress. Why? I have no clue…it’s not like I post…I guess it was time for a change, and this is as minimal a change as I think I can make. Hope you like the new layout, and that it makes you as happy as the last one did 🙂

Shows, shows…well I have a few scheduled, but I wrenched my back earlier this week and I can’t move properly just yet, so we’ll have to see how the weekend goes.

Saturday at 2:30 SLT I have my regular show over at Crazy Sharks,and Sunday I’m at a new club, The Bluestar Music Temple at 12 SLT, and at 4 SLT, I’m playing at (surprise gig that many musicians are taking part in, check SL events list or the Spaceheads group for info). a party to thank Drift Monde for all she’s done to promote and help Live Music in Second Life grow.  Clicky here to get there.  There’s music all day and night, and I get a sweet spot, following the fantastic Grateful Stryker, so come early and stay late!

So…I think that about does it for the move… I hope I didn’t break anything on the way over.